Born in Lisbon in 1994 and raised between nuns, priests and the wonders of pre-surveilled internet, the main focus of my practice has been an on-going exploration of the written word, objecthood and autobiographical mapping through creating or morphing of independent matter. Assuming that life itself is performative, this body of work can be perceived as documentation that long running performance piece.

Since I got my MFA at HEAD Genève and set my studio in Lisbon my work has been focused on project by project challenges that with time reveal what is solid and coherent between them all: a desire for non destructive iconoclasm.

As an original member of Rabbit Hole queer collective (regularly present at Galeria Zé dos Bois) the interest on gatherings and performative gestures led me into searching still matter and volumes on space, sometimes called sculpture, other times called companions.

Isabel Cordovil, 2021