MARCH 21, 2021

I read they’re down on a lab
under some desert sands, standing on the brink
of breaking the mystery of dark matter
- it glues galaxies together twirling heavily and invisible =  but
it will also show that it exists inside us.
It makes us gravitate towards each other and
say what we want     to say
Eight! thousand! liquid eyes
were floating in my hair last night
When you wake up I’ll re-tell you about
the lucid dream I met you at
We stood on the ocean line and felt satisfied with going no further/ I was walking
with my tongue on fire I love you
I love you I love you I love you
I’ll love whatever you become.


While the world keeps

rolling down the empty space hill

I try very hard to keep my food down

my head on my shoulders

my nerves c-c-cool

sitting in the back row of

classrooms train cars cinema venues

with an hand of my lover’s knee

and my tongue asleep inside

too late to try

buying back the time wasted

sitting in the back of bus

with the cool kids who

were never that cool after all

on the window seat of low-cost flights

one bump on air and I turn into a believer

uncomfortably sitting on wooden church benches

all rotten with eggs of Mea Culpa

and a monumental melancholy

that is not welcome anymore

while the world keeps

rolling down its seasons

I try to roll with it

if this is all a trick all a very realistic lie

I want to be as fake as vertigo

my whole life was just

a quarter of a year in Pluto

was it summer? did I live while

its flowers would bloom?

or was it just a big bright fall morning

golden and blue and silent

I’ve been trying very hard to keep my youth in my mouth

letting it melt


I’ve been building

beautiful useless things

(everything’s inside

everything’s invisible)

I’ve been burning my best pages

down to ashes by the water

for each truthful word

a new color of fire

(you should have seen it flaming

I wouldn’t dare to blink)

I didn’t

write down the secrets I found in the mountain

I didn’t

take a photograph of the sacred animal’s face

I’ve been up the river

down the valley

I’ve been down the craters of my own skin

it was midnight

I called to thank my mother

the sun rose

I’m never finished crying

I ate the whole fruit and

lived through the dreams it gave me

we were once together

a rootless island spinning on itself

i’ve been building the most majestic towers with my eyes only

my hands are saved for waving

I’ll pass it all to you, all this secret marvelous matter,

when we finally share our sleep.