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Free at Last

Series of 10 photographic prints, mounted on frame / + 1 unframed

Ten famous journalistic photographs, already printed and reprinted on uncountable numbers (then spread digitally across the space of ultimate saturation), withheld people in agonizing pain (or the moment right after it) and made them objects of history, visual proof of the inhumane capacity humanity has for violence. Means of propaganda used them as tools. History books used them as illustrations. Fundraisers used them as baits. The gesture in this work was to withdraw from these photographs, the (images of) bodies they hold in their photographic incarceration and imposed eternity. It’s obviously important to acknowledge that these were real events and these images do keep some visual testimony and proof of them. There were once real and humanistic purposes in the spreading of some of these images. My action is not one of erasing bodies or override moments of history, it is rather one of producing an alternative image that stands out of its innumerous reproductions and set these bodies free.