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A tale of two bodies
Solo show 2019
Geneva, CH

November/2019 - January/2020

The piece, Untitled, 2019, proposes an encounter, a collaborative performance with a person in their external narrative, their real life. It revolves around and re enforces the exact moment between a decision and an action, reflecting on the possibility of lingering there. Inserted in a tattoo shop – OKO, Rue du Vélodrome, 6, Genève – it was thought and set to meet all visiting clients for the duration of two months. The piece, consisting on a sound and light installation, reflects on permanence and impermanence, intimacy and independence, and the possibility of an invisible, inconsequent, non-witnessable performative act.

Curated by Pauline Cordier and Johanna Martins

Standing at venue’s door
Rue du Velodrome 6, Genève

Catalogue/artist book produced for the show. Contact for purchase.