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Instalation view
Ph: Felipe Schwager

I’ve always been interested in the realm of oral tradition as the form of human communication wherein knowledge, art, ideas and cultural material is received, preserved, and transmitted orally to another. I like the feeling of witnesses having witnessed, talkers having talked, sharing being caring indeed. When I first started noting down my dreams on my cellphone I felt like the first witness of a subconscious discourse that had been passed around and maneuvered by many invisible entities. The translation of these dream motions passed onto written words (if I could write music, I would) bring, naturally, losses and gains that mutate the original mystery – and these mutations are warmly welcomed.

For this show at Lièvre the challenge was quite different. To take them as what they really are: notes on a cellphone device, a vertical screen with coded text on it. The action is is to show the embryos of ideas, to remain as close as possible to the big bang of my practice. They are, of course, intimate. Violently intimate. But my aim here is for this raw material to go on on to being translated, be it by appropriating it into dreaming, mental imagery or any other translations that try to communicate what all this matter of mystery is all about.

Isabel Cordovil